Week 4

This week, I…

Learned how to understand the meaning of techniques behind cinematography from an expert.

Learned how to look, listen, and analyze a video of Heath Ledger as the Joker in three different but meaningful ways.

I created (almost) daily.

In my house, a constant source of entertainment is my dog, Hildi. She’s a 110 pound (slightly overweight) Bernese Mountain Dog who loves broccoli, spinach, and peanut butter. Whenever she goes in the car, her priority is getting her head out of the window. Lips blowing, slobber flying creates the funniest faces…
When I was younger, I got to go the the Spy Museum, where there was a whole part about morse code. I was excited to look at everyone’s representation, and decided to write my own phrase… quarantine is boring. Because it’s true…
If you learn one thing about me through this whole page, it’s that I *love* cows. I grew up road-tripping to my grandparents, stopping at a dairy farm along the way, always happy to see the cutest animals ever! Now, I’ll sooner drive off the road trying to see the cows than miss their cute faces! (sorry passengers).
Take me back! Every morning before elementary school, I had the craziest things on my toaster waffle: butter, peanut butter, and syrup. I called it the “waffle with three things”. Creative, I know… I decided to make a waffle this morning to sweeten one of the last mornings before starting work bright and early next week.

I created some video assignments that made me feel like a very professional video maker.

I told the story of a typical weekend in my life, it just so happens to be in 60 seconds!
and I told the short and sweet parts about my life in a new and fun way!

And I reflected on my comments and on what I liked on other blogs.

Overall, I think that this week was a success. I created wisely and passionately and ended up with pretty cool results.

This week didn’t end up being too hard for me, but I would say picking the assignments was pretty hard. I had halfway done another assignment that involved a green screen, an apocalypse, and a news report, and ended up with my Flashcard Rundown story instead. I ended up getting too frustrated trying to figure out the green screen app I was using to finish out that assignment.

I had tons of fun creating the video assignment about my 60-second day. It required me to think and plan what I wanted my video to look like at the end and helped me to realize the extent to which looking at the shot by shot is more important than the end result because without good individual pieces, the end result won’t be good. I had the most fun creating the different transitions between each 1-second clip.

I learned that taking the time to learn and study how good films are made is super important when transitioning into making my own scenes. Without the background knowledge of shooting, you may end up with a bland result.

I would probably change how I choose my assignments differently. Up until now, I followed through with all of the assignments I chose and I was frustrated that I couldn’t do this one. It ended up being too difficult with the resources that I had available.

A question I would ask directors/producers now is how they develop their “style”. Most directors are known for a certain trait, so does that come on purpose? Or is it given to them by reviewers, media, etc.

As a future middle school teacher, the flashcard story assignment could be a really cool way to get to know students, do projects, etc. You could even do it on poster-board for presentations during class! It is an activity that is easily done without technology, so it is accessible to more students!

That’s all for this week! Only one more!!

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