Week 3

At the beginning of this week, I would have considered myself to be an audio storytelling fanatic. I listen to podcasts, music, commentary, the radio, etc. but I had little idea of how much work and effort goes into creating a narrative that is complete and makes for a good story.

This week, I…

Learned about the basics of audio storytelling and the fact that not having the visual aspect creates co-authorship with the listener as they create their own picture.

I listened to TED radio hour and learned about creating an audio story from ScottLo.

I listened to what could have been a disaster on the moon and listened to a comparison of how Nina Simone’s music from the 1960s relates to today.

I created audio assignments where I was *way* out of my comfort zone.

I created a scenario that is entirely possible while camping for my Sound Effects Story,
I Hummed Away to my favorite song of all time,
I Pro-nun-ci-a-ted a TED talk that was given by a very good speaker,
And I talked about What a Song Meant to me and my personality.

I created almost daily…

And finally, I reflected on what I saw on my classmate’s sites, what my comments said, found out what connected us, and thought about how my blog may look different in the next few weeks because of it.

This week was definitely out of my comfort zone. But, even despite that, I feel like I chose a wide variety of difficulties for my activities to do and I think that I did them to the best of my ability.

This week, I still had issues with the comments on WordPress. I didn’t have the Comments tab on my dashboard, so I did some research and found a helpful article that *finally* helped me figure out how to enable them. Audacity was also not my friend at the beginning of this week.

I enjoyed doing the assignments themes this week. Growing up, I was always humming even to the point of my parents yelling at me to stop sometimes. So being able to do that for a class(!) was a dream come true, honestly!

I learned that it’s okay to be frustrated with programs! I had a lot of issues with Audacity and tracks accidentally deleting when I was trying to add them. After looking up tutorials on YouTube, I was able to do it successfully.

I would probably choose different assignments if I had to do this week over again. After commenting on other classmates blogs, I saw a wider variety of assignments and work done. Some of them were super cool and I would definitely try them if I did this class again.

After this week, I don’t have any questions! I feel like this week really taught me that a story can be told in many forms, and that each form is as valid as any other. I especially loved the audio storytelling because of the ways that I as a listener was able to create a picture of what I was hearing.

When listening to the Nina Simone RadioLab podcast, it was interesting to see the comparison of her music right after MLK was assassinated in 1968 versus how it relates to the current events that are happening today.

That’s all for this week…

excited see ya GIF by The Good Place