Week 2

This week was fun but challenging… I tried to do assignments that were out of my comfort range and I learned a lot!

I learned about Massino Vignelli and the basic elements of design. I thought that I had a good idea of what “good design” was before this week, but boy did I learn some things!

I took strategic photos related to color, minimalism, balance, and dominance. I ended up with some good photos and some bad photos and reflected on the experience.

I created (almost) daily and got a shoutout from my *favorite* author on twitter!

My shoe of choice is my pair of lavender colored crocs… I am unashamed!
I have a slight obsession of tiny houses and ways of alternate living… this looks like an absolute dream!
Richmond, VA is truly underrated! The nature, history, culture, and the fact that it’s foodie heaven makes it one of my favorite places.
A current favorite book of mine by Tanner Olson called I’m All Over the Place.
He even said my art was *cool* on his twitter @writtentospeak. When I tell you I screamed…

I started creating Design Assignments that gave me the opportunity pick my own assignments to complete. I did a wide variety of projects , enjoying each one as a unique chance to explore the design world.

I re-created my first visit to the University of Mary Washington and told the story of how I got there and what it’s like two years later.
I created an ad to raise awareness and donations for the Black Lives Matter movement and talked about race in the U.S..
I talked about my not-so-imaginary business and created a logo that I love!
I talked about the next tattoo that I’m going to get and what it means to me.
I created a wedding dress that other bridesmaids would *hopefully* like.

I created animated GIFs and had fun with it!

Mumford and Sons are a British folk and rock band. They’ve been my favorite for forever!
Lists have been how I’ve kept the work for this class manageable. Checking off tasks is so satisfying!

Overall, I learned a lot this week. This week, I’ve been procrastinating a lot more than usual, so most of the assignments were done towards the latter half of the week. Even so, I feel like I was able to do this week’s assignments very well. I went out of my comfort zone on assignments and (mostly) succeeded. I tend to be a perfectionist so even when things are okay I tend to obsess over the little things. Having some of these assignments that were unfamiliar made me accept the fact that they weren’t going to be perfect the first time I did them.

I had a lot of trouble with the GIF maker… I got the Mumford and Sons gif to work, but couldn’t get the other GIF for the list to work. I ended up looping it in iMovie. It’s still a GIF, but in a different form.

I most enjoyed doing the assignments for this week. Being able to use ProCreate was a new experience and I much better that I was before with that program. I especially liked the create your own logo part because I actually needed one!

I learned that these things take time! You can’t rush the programs if you don’t know how to do them!

I would take more time with each write up, rather than the assignment to create a better story.

Some of my imports show up as errors… why?

Not everyone has access to what I do… how can we make this equitable?

Will Ferrell Goodbye GIF by filmeditor