TimelineJS (not so fun) Adventure

Timeline was not as easy for me as Storymap was… I was unable to get the pictures from my Flickr to upload properly to show up on the map… I troubleshooted and I still was not able to find an answer after uploading and reuploading the photos, publishing and unpublishing the document. It won’t let me embed either… help!


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  1. Hey Carson! I struggled a lot more with TimelineJS than I did with StoryMapJS. StoryMap was a lot more accessible and visually appealing to make in my opinion. For uploading the Flickr photos to my timeline, once you upload the picture to your Flickr account, there is a button at the bottom that gives the share option. It’ll give you a link that I copy and pasted into the spreadsheet. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Carson, I have some experience using TimelineJS if you ever need help! KnightLab tools have a history of being finicky, so not having someone who has done a little behind the scene coding is always helpful! TimelineJS in particular doesn’t like to show up unless you embed it as straight HTML, which can seem daunting for someone who has never had to do it!

  3. Hey Carson, I totally feel your pain. They are awesome tools but can be super challenging and difficult to navigate and build. I wish I could offer some suggestions, but honestly, I just kept fiddling with it until it worked.

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