TED Radio Hour + ScottLo

TED Radio Hour

Listening to the TED radio hour clip was super interesting! When I first started listening, I didn’t know what to expect but ended up finding a lot of good points and tips about the structure, flow, and how to add in different sounds related to what was being talked about.

Throughout the video, the background sound fit the mood of the intro. It was a soothing sound that fit what was being talked about perfectly. Also throughout the story, there were shorter sounds that fit in the story, whether it was a woman talking or a squeal of the robot. Using the layering of different sounds created a seamless story.

The structure of this clip also was made well. It had an intro to what the story was about, a clip of the show to come, and then launched into the main part of the show.

robot GIF


ScottLo gave some super practical tips and tricks towards audio storytelling (specifically podcasts).

He was talking about different tips that he had found in the world of podcast editing. While he was speaking, there was often a background (ex: sound of kids outside playing), which created an air of a conversation between the listener and the speaker and not just someone you were listening to. He talked about different programs like Recordium as a possibility for editing sound points. He also uses a bumper which is the ending/break between two clips from someone else that was good.

He mentioned a person named Arch Oboler who was an active radio personality in the 50s and created famous horror scripts.