Response to work

I have had the coolest time looking at other classmate’s blogs! This week was especially cool because I got to see the faces behind some of the blogs!

Some of my favorites and where I commented this week:

  • Lindsey Henrickson – created a workout video on TikTok that used a resistance band. Her directions were clear and precise which made it easy to follow.
  • Micah Harlan – created a 5 word story with words that were auto-generated by his phone. His ability to create a complete story out of those words was amazing!
  • Amanda Hummel – also created a workout video. The commentary was so fun and the video was well planned out and executed.
  • Darlene Mugisha – created a how to video about how to throw a frisbee backhand! I am *so* bad at frisbee and am always jealous of the people on ball circle being able to do it so well! Super informative and well done!

Last week, I got a comment that suggested leaving the rating on each assignment (the amount of stars that it’s worth) somewhere on that page, so this week I did that!

Overall, I think that looking at other classmate’s suggestions is one of the best ways to learn and grow as a digital storyteller! Thanks to those who comment!

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