Reflection – Building ‘The Great Berrier Reef’

After setting up my site and learning the basics of WordPress, it was time to start to build up from the basics!

I started out by picking a theme, and ended up downloading an already created WordPress theme called Article Lite. It provides a header and open space and is very simple with room to grow.

After finding a theme that I wanted, I went about changing the different menus that were featured at the top of each page and ended up with four different menus: home, ds106 blog, about me, and social media. I tried to keep the tabs to a minimum to keep it simple, but divided up the pages within each.

As stated in my previous reflection, beginning to create and change things around was hard at the beginning because I didn’t know what to do, but looking up YouTube videos really helped with any issues. This is a video that was helpful with the basics!

I decided to use pictures that I took from trips and vacations to brighten up my website, and linked those photos to other pages for better access.

Learning the embedding process has made it a lot easier for each post to be more interactive as well as relevant without using a lot of hyperlinks.

Using YouTube as well as other guides to help speed up the learning process was vital to this weeks activities.

Overall, this part of building the site into what I want it to look like has been fun and is worth taking the time to make it look good! I’m excited to keep changing things up!