New But Simple Logo Tutorial

As designers are shfiting towards the KISS – Keep it simple stupid formula and creating Logos that are super simple and easy to understand. I want a something challenging Logo that is simple yet detailed. I know it is hard to a achieve but not impossible. You can use logo generator tools like or

Create A Logo That Is Simple But Detailed (4 stars)

For this part of my project, I create a logo for my character’s racecar.

Using an iPad, Apple Pencil, and the app ProCreate, import a photo to draw over. Create a new layer on top of the photo; make the below photo less opaque so you can see what you’re drawing. Holding down on an area with your finger selects that color (color match). I drew over Toad using the Studio Pen and erased the features to make it more simplistic and then added it to his racecar (using the copy layer feature).

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