Midweek 1 – Summary Post

I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to take this class and have enjoyed the process so far!

Creating profiles and intros on different platforms was fun considering I hadn’t used some of the platforms before! I used YouTube to create a montage of my life as an introduction to some of the things I do.

I already had a twitter page, but have been very inactive on it. I’m excited to be using it and to be connecting with classmates on their daily creates and other tweets! I also found out how to use a plugin (Twitter Feeds) on my home page do display my tweets as they are sent out.

Flickr was another platform that I enjoyed learning to use! I am in the process of creating albums for trips that I have taken to share my love of photography and the world with others. Here’s one of my favorite photos from my Italy album!

florence 1
Florence, Italy

SoundCloud is a totally foreign platform to me, so I decided to do a short Top 5 Songs of the Week each Wednesday to share some of my music taste!


I believe that I have completed this round of assignments to the best of my ability! I have taken the hard things in stride and think I have created some good basic skills that I can build on over these next four and a half weeks.

Simply learning how WordPress works has been quite a big learning curve so far, but using YouTube videos has been a helpful tool to find quick fixes for the issues I’ve been trying to figure out. I had issues trying to figure out where my blogs were getting posted. They were put into the ‘uncategorized’ category when they needed to be filed under my DS106 Blog page. I decided to look up on Youtube how to do it, and found this helpful video on how to do it!

I have mostly enjoyed the daily creates so far! It is a fun activity to do while at home and has helped me to think outside of the box. Seeing classmates and others create their own interpretations of the prompts has proven that coming from different places and having different experiences creates variation that is amazing!

At this point, everything that I have learned so far has been new and exciting, but it is getting easier as I go. One thing that I would change would be the the attitude that I go into this process with. I’ll admit that I was very frustrated with WordPress as a whole when I was starting to create my website, and I’m now understanding the time and energy it takes to work with the program, especially when making this my own. You can’t rush doing things, especially if you don’t know how to do them yet!

At this point, I’m trying to figure out if I want to switch my theme up or not, *plugins? is this how you can let people add comments?*, and smarter ways to incorporate my platforms into my daily routine!

In terms of a larger issue/societal/cultural implication surrounding this class as a whole, there is one thought that usually takes up a lot of room in my brain as a future educator and current student… Equity vs. equality as well as the issue of access to technology during this global crisis (and normally). Not everyone has access to a laptop, internet, etc., which means I am already ahead because I am able to take this class at home with internet… What are things/ways that can help make technology more equitable and accessible in today’s society?

More to come!

Seth Meyers Goodbye GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers