Hi everyone! My name is Carson Berrier and I use she/her pronouns. I am a senior History/Secondary Education student.

I am taking this class because I really enjoy the intersectionality that history is able to have with technology. I think sometimes history is seen as being all one way on paper or in books, but when it enters the digital world, it can take a new shape. Allowing history to enter the digital space also expands the audience that can be reached.

In my eyes, digital history is history that is enhanced in some way by technology in order to expand the knowledge of the topic. Whether it is making the history more interactive through a map or a video, digital history expands the ways that history can be understood. From my understanding, digital humanities are the pieces of technology that allow digital history to occur. Those are things like the computer programs and other technologies that help to make history more interactive. Both digital history and digital humanities work together to create a new layer of history, but they differ in the ways that they go about it. Without digital humanities, the history couldn’t be enhanced; without the digital history component, there would not be as much use for the technologies that the digital humanities bring.

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