Flashcard Rundown

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words, but how about a video with pictures and words?!

Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day was. (4 stars)

A long time ago, on Youtube, it was popular to do a video called “Draw my life” where the person drew out on a whiteboard the story of their life. I used this activity as my own version of that because I am not the most artistic person you will run into. This is a cool way to combine a written story into a the visual world.

I created this video to tell the story of, well… me! Sure, you can read the about me page, but videos tend to show more emotion and personality that words sometimes can’t. I really liked creating this video because it let me complete this assignment in a fun way that I was super comfortable with. I’m not the best in front of a camera, so being able to take away the stress of speaking out loud made this a fun assignment.

I chose this music specifically from the iMovie library because it is upbeat and fits perfectly with my personality. Again, while there aren’t words, expressions and sound helps move the story along.

Something that I thought about post-video making is the fact that this could be used in the classroom. Some students don’t like public speaking, so this may be a more comfortable way for them to express who they are. It is easily done without technology, and is more accessible to all students. It could even be done on a larger scale with poster-board for presentations!

Check out how I created this video using at-home materials and iMovie to add music!

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  1. First, great title! It definitely peaked my interest because I had no idea what to expect with flashcards. However, once I watched the video, I realized I have seen similar videos before. I love how you mentioned this as an alternative way to communicate for individuals who have a fear of public speaking. It also makes sense you would mention this because you’re in the education program. That’s awesome! I also like how you used SoundCloud for your tutorial. I haven’t seen that done yet.

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