Final Reflection

Over the past 5 weeks, I have grown as a student, storyteller, and human. Because the articles I’ve read and the assignments I’ve done, I have been influenced in the way that I look at different forms of media and how they are involved in telling stories.

I have learned how to tell stories in new ways and now have a greater appreciation for the somewhat atypical ways of storytelling (mostly audio in my opinion). Before this class, I had only a small glimpse of the process that goes into telling stories through non-written manner, and now have an idea of the larger picture.

If I could take this class over and do one thing differently, it would be to completely search through the assignment database before choosing assignments. For some of the weeks, I chose assignments that I wasn’t necessarily passionate about, only to have a hard time creating the end result. Throughout the weeks, I got better about choosing projects for passion, rather than quickness/easiness.

Personally, my favorite three assignments/projects were:

I loved this project because it got me to bring my camera back out and helped me get out of a creative rut!
I loved creating a logo because it is for a “business” that is actually mine!
I loved editing this video and creating cool transitions!

Overall, I would 100% take this class again and would recommend it to anyone! It is a versatile class with skills that can be brought into multiple areas of study and has a creative element that makes you broaden your perspective. I am beyond glad that I took this class!

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