Festival Advertisement Tutorial

Events, fundraisers, festivals, and other fun things to do happen around us all the time. Have you ever had two or even three events you wanted to participate in happen on the same day, but you could only choose one? For this design assignment you are tasked to create an attractive advertisement/flyer for some type of event. Be creative. Any event will do, but the point is to entice people to want to attend your event over any other. Your event could be a harvest festival with a petting zoo and pumpkin toss, or you could have bingo fundraiser to support the local SPCA, or even better yet something completely off the wall like a save the unicorns benefit. Be sure you also include a date, time, location and any other details specific to your event. Don’t forget to tag it.

Festival or Fundraiser? (3 stars)

For this part of my final assignment, I created a flier for my imaginary Grand Prix race.

For this flyer, I used a program called Canva. There are tons of pre-made formats as well as a start-from-scratch feature. I chose a pre-made flyer that I found after I searched the word “race” into the bar. I changed the car graphic and the info, exported the flyer into a JPG, and embedded it into my site.

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