Design Elements Reflection

When thinking about design elements, there are so many different places in the world that they are illustrated. From technology to nature, art to fashion, the attention to how things are designed became more apparent to me as I looked at more and more resources.

design GIF by Mathew Lucas

First reading the PDF about design theory, I got the basics of what goes into the process of design: contrast, alignment, grouping, balance, proportion, and more. When taking photography classes in high school, there was a lot of emphasis on the rule of thirds, creating a subject, and how to correctly balance photographs to create a good photograph. The same sort of process goes into other fields of design.

Massimo Vignelli is a famous designer that has risen to fame in the design field because of his modern and simplistic view of design. He is a furniture, showroom, and warehouse designer who wrote a design guide called The Vignelli Canon which outlined the basics of design. From reading some of the pages and knowing about his view of design, I know that simple and geometric design is something that he worked with and I am going to try to model some of my work after that.

After reviewing some of the pages of this booklet, it is clear what is good design and what is not. The graphics that he used easily displayed the must haves in design and give simple ways to start the process. Most of the resources provided were just more in depth versions of his book and I liked seeing different views about design elements.

After reading the resources as well as The Vignelli Canon, I believe that I have learned some new skills that are vital to doing this week’s work. Pre any assignment work this week, I think that I am going to have a harder time then I think completing and making sure that the assignments fit into the standards of good design. I am excited to use the ideas and tips that I’ve learned from reading these articles to become a better and more proficient digital storyteller.