I really enjoyed visiting other people’s sites and getting to see what they’ve been working on. Here were some of the ones I listened to:

  • Rachel Remer – created a story about a day at the beach… where I wish I was right now!
  • Jackie Ludwick – created a ~fly~ add about the 80s
  • Zuma – cut his grass and created a clear picture for the listener of what that would have looked like
  • Mow – created a poem from Disney lyrics… how cool?
  • Amanda – created her sound effects story of a circus inspired by a movie she likes

The last few days have been a little bit stressful considering I didn’t have the comment feature in my dashboard. After researching online, watching YouTube videos, and asking fellow classmates questions, I finally figured out what the issue was and got into the settings to enable comments (yay!).

This resulted in not being to get any comments on my page, so I asked Amanda Hummel to “comment on one of my posts”. She chose my Roar sound effect story and said “I really liked how you uploaded a video on how you did it showing extra effort and I like how you told the story that related to the sound.” When doing assignments, I like to show the process behind my project in video form since I know that people sometimes learn best through seeing, so it was a cool affirmation to get!