A Day in 60 Seconds

“Cause we only got 86,400 seconds in a day…” well, in this case 60.

Try to tell a story about your day in just 60 seconds using one-second clips of video. Tell us a love story, your mundane daily routine, a low day, a high day, or any other kind of day. (4 stars)

Looking back to when I was younger, I definitely would call myself a YouTube kid. Instead of wanting to watch TV or movies, you would often find me tunneling down the “YouTube rabbit hole” as my brother and I like to call it. I would spend hours dreaming up “video ideas” that I could do, and some of my favorites were the “day in my life” videos. You could say I was pretty excited when I found this assignment and was able to *finally* do a day in MY life! I filmed what a pretty typical weekend looks like for me.

After looking at the resources and reflecting on the ways that good films are shot, I had some good ideas for transitions and how I wanted my video to be formatted. I only used shots that were easy to understand, while still looking good and keeping an eye on what was in the background, foreground, etc. Like a lot of people right now, I spend a lot of time on TikTok watching videos, and used some of the transitions I’ve seen there in my own video.

This is a video that details how to do cool clothes transitions.

The part that I liked the most about this video was the transitions. The phone fading to black and then opening up again, the quick cut of changing my shirt, the jump into my shoes. All of those shots were intentional and thought out in order for them to be cool cuts during the editing process.

I will say, I messed up on one small transition, can you catch it? Drop it in the comments below!

This details my process of how I created my 60-second day video.

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