Sports Mashup Tutorial

Submit a video mashup of what you think are some of the greatest sports plays ever. What is the story it tells? This needs to be more than just a montage of clips, find a way to make it present a theme, an arc of ambition, a message about the moments.

Sports Mashup (3 stars)

For this part of my assignment, I used clips of my character driving in a racecar as my “sports” montage.

To get these clips, I searched up POV Toad MarioKart on YouTube and came upon these montages of people driving as toad. I screen recorded on my phone, edited the clips that I wanted, and then imported them into iMovie. I organized the clips into the order that I wanted after having them in my media library. I created this video as a “hall of fame” induction video, so I added some nice music and a “welcome to the hall of fame” title slide.

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