Reflection – Photo Safari

I was very excited for this assignment. It uses time restraints to create an environment where you have to go with the flow instead of having all the time in the world to get each shot (which is good for a person who tends to obsess over the perfect shot!).

I decided to do my safari in my backyard because it has a lot of different plants, structures, etc. that I would be able to take photographs of. When I took photography in high school, I spent a lot of my time in the backyard taking pictures after we were assigned prompts sort of like this one, so this was a throw back!

I definitely was rushing around more than I needed to. I was asking my brother to put his foot there and read me the next prompt while my mind was racing to think of the next shot. I had time to set up my phone to film and try to get each picture as fast as I could. I had two minutes to spare at the end, which leaves me wondering if I could have gotten any more shots.

The process for my 15-minute photo safari. *I started my Photo Safari at 2:43pm and wrapped up around 2:56 pm. (shown in video)*

Some of my favorite photos were the simpler ones. Prompts like ‘abstract’ and ‘joy’ are easy for me to find simply because that it what I like taking photos of. The prompt of ‘take a photo through an object’ and ‘use an unusual angle’ were photos that were a little bit more difficult to take because they took more thought. Those ended up being some of my favorites, though!

The hardest photo for me to take was ‘make an inanimate object look alive’. I just had a hard time picking an object that wasn’t alive in an outdoor space. I ended up taking a picture of a hose that looked like a snake!

I think my shot of an unusual angle was the most inventive. I wasn’t even looking through the lens when I took this picture, I just blindly stuck my camera under his foot and clicked! I think the angle is something you don’t see very often.

Overall, I think that my photo safari was a success and that I got some good experience using the tips and tricks that I’ve learned over this week.