Moon Graffiti + RadioLab

Moon Graffiti

They started the Moon Graffiti clip with the “moon disaster speech”. The host of the podcast then intrude what we had just heard, and then it went back to the recording. While the host was talking however, there were clips layered into the speech. Even while the men were on the moon in the clip, there was an eerie sound layered over top of the audio to create suspense.

Overall, I believe that audio is a good way to convey stories. Especially if it is done well like this clip. They used sound effects and layered them into the original audio as well as the host audio in order to create a more complete effect. They used a camera snap sound after the speakers were talking about taking photos. They used the ripple sound to make the sound of the flag going in. They used the same sound for their footsteps on the moon. They used the background music, the shorter audio clips to emphasize words they spoke, etc. to help tell the whole story.

By only hearing the audio, I was able to create my own picture of what was happening as the clip went on. I felt emotion towards the speakers as the clip went on. Sound drives stories because music, sound, and voices create emotion. A story without those aren’t good because people don’t connect with it.


I chose to listen to a show that was about Nina Simone. It is titled, Nina Simone: what she told us then, and tells us now.

One of the hosts, Tracie Hunte, talks about the protests that she was able to hear from her window as Backlash Blues by Nina Simone came on at the same time. It was written with Langston Hughes about how in 1968 there was racism. She talks about how it is a perfect comparison to the events happening today with the coronavirus, the recession, and the senseless killings of Black people.

I really liked listening to this podcast because it layered the talking of the hosts with the songs. She talks about the lyrics after they play the song in the background. There is so much historical significance to songs and what stories they tell and they were able to convey that through the way that the podcast was arranged. I thought that this was a perfect podcast to examine because of the events that were happening during this time.