Introduction to HIST 471 + Me

Hi all, welcome to my website! My name is Carson Berrier, and my blog’s title is a play on my last name! I am a senior here at Mary Wash, studying History and Secondary Education. I am currently deciding whether to stay in our 5th year M.Ed. program or to head to grad school for School Counseling, so tbd for post graduation for now!

Each semester, I’ve always looked at the seminar topics that were being taught and remember not being too excited about any of them, so I was excited to see one that I was interested in during a semester I was able to take one!

Mental health is something that I am becoming increasingly more aware of since I’ve been college, probably because this is the first time we are “on our own” and learning to figure out things by ourselves. The prevalence of people with any number of mental health struggles is more common than I think, and I am excited to hear about the history behind the conversations about mental health!

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