Create a Magazine Cover Tutorial

Have you ever been drawn towards the magazine section because of the beautiful layouts of the covers? Well, here’s your chance to create an eye-pleasing magazine cover about a subject that interests you! Create a magazine cover about fashion, cars, photography, cooking, etc. Create your main issue article as well as one or two other smaller articles relating to your magazine. Use programs like Canva, PhotoShop, or InDesign to create your cover. Happy designing!

Create a Magazine Cover (4 stars)

For this part of my project, I created a new Design Assignment that had you create a magazine cover. There were a few variations of more specific magazines, but I wanted to create a more general assignment.

For this assignment, I used the program Canva. I searched up “car magazine” in the preset bar, and replaced the background. I used the same fonts, features, and text boxes to build my own cover, but it’s easy to start from scratch. You could also use programs like Photoshop or InDesign to create covers like this one.

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