Dream House

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a dream of a small brick house sitting under the shade of a big oak tree…

Too bad it was only a dream… a very flat dream.

Today, we have the luxury of fast computers with lots of memory and power. However, that wasn’t always the case, and graphics designers had to make due with very limited capabilities. For this assignment, you are to draw a person, vehicle, or otherwise intricate object. The catch is, your image can only be 16 pixels by 16 pixels! Work to express as much detail as possible in the space allotted. If the size is not constraining, you are not setting your standards high enough! Feel free to enlarge the picture before putting it online, but remember that your resolution must still be that of a 16×16 pixel image.

I was inspired to do the 256 Points project because it was the opposite of the projects I’ve done so far. This one was much simpler in my eye, but had a lot of restraints on it, limiting what I could make. Even though I had to create an image out of a 16×16 square, an image can reflect a story that people can connect to.

I ended up creating a flat 16×16 layout in the game Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where everything is made up of blocks and pixels, making it ideal to do this project with. I decided to use this instead of a generic pixel art website because it is something that I am already comfortable with. Minecraft was a game that I played with my friends in my childhood and during my way-past-bored stages of quarantine, I’ve gotten back into this game. I know how creative people can be in this game, especially when they aren’t refined to a 16×16 square. I really like this game because it can be used in so many different ways. It can show off design, architecture, art, skill, strategy, and so much more, all telling a different story depending on who’s creating.

My 16×16 piece.
How I built my 16×16 piece! (Edited in iMovie)

In most cases that I’ve seen, people that build and design on Minecraft can tell a story by building their dream house. In this case, I told a story by designing a 16×16 pixel square. Whether this is an activity done by a professional gamer or a college student, the image created is part of their story.